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Additional Features and Options

The following features and options are available for you to use at anytime. Upload a few events. and receive a few standard orders, then come back and learn about these additional features.

Manage Event Options

You can change prices and other options for already uploaded events on the Manage Screen.


Go to your Gallery

Sort Event List

Email Link to Event

Hide / Show Events

Shut Off Events/Reactivate

Change Price Catalogue

eXpress Order

Delete Events

Rename an Event

Inventory Your Gallery

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Options you can apply

Hide Event- This is "Privatization or Password" type protection for your event. We don't use Passwords to protect your events. When you upload your events, you give your clients the URL (web address) to the event. The Hidden Events will not appear in the Event List on your Gallery.

Tag for eXpress Order- If you have read about our eXpress Order feature, you know it will retrieve orders from your gallery, retrieve the images for the order, and send the order directly to our partner lab for processing and shipping to your clients. You must first establish an account with one of our Partner Labs to use eXpress Order. We will be happy to supply you with a list of Partner Labs in your area.

Upload images as Album Pages- If you design albums in Photoshop or other programs, you can display them on your Gallery in a "Side by Side", left and right side album format. Place the album JPG's in a folder. We assume the pages are named in numerical order. Select the Folder in Step 1, and the page JPG's should appear in the left upload screen. Move them to the right side. You can use our Album Cover options in the Enhance Screen. Make a few test uploads to see how your pages look.

Making "Panorama" album pages- If you design your own albums in Photoshop, or another program, you may create them as double spread Pano's. When you upload a page to the Gallery, it assumes it is either a left or right side album page. If you upload a Pano, it will place it on the left or right side as it uploads. BUT, if you enter the word "panorama" (without the quotes) into the name of the image, it will display across both sides of the layout, and it will look like a double page spread. Example- page1 panorama.jpg

Graphi Album Users: We have a unique feature in our Infinity Album Designer. If you are familiar with the requirements of the Graphi company, you know that you must submit "Panorama" double page spread layouts to them for printing. We have created a more versatile concept in page design. With our Infinity Album Designer, you can create individual 1/2 pages, and we will combine them for you in the final rendering process in the Infinity Album Designer. Being able to use individual pages opens the door for more versatility and easier page design.

Expiration Date- You can "Remove" your event from public viewing, without removing the event from your gallery. Set a date to remove "Expire the Viewing" of the event. When the expiration date is reached, a message will appear in place of the event when a customer goes to that event. The message tells them to contact you for further details about viewing the event.

You can change the status of any of the options at anytime. Go to the "Manage" screen to change options and event status.

Using our Partner Labs

If you decide to use our Partner Labs, you can open your orders in Presentation Gold, crop them and send the orders to the lab. The cropping is applied to each image according to the sizes ordered, and is applied at the lab before printing. The Partner Lab can also color correct the individual image before printing, so you will have one uniform color and density for all of your prints.

We will assume you are already working with your own lab and workflow. We suggest you learn the basics of our system before you use our Presentation Gold Program and our Partner Labs. If you would like to use our Partner Labs contact us and we will send you a list of labs in your area.

When you  use a Partner Lab, Click the Green Arrow Button and you will see your order in the list. Add it to the Que, and send your order(s) to the lab via our built in FTP.

Enhance Screen

There is no absolute, guaranteed way to protect images displayed on the web. We have adapted every security measure available to protect your images. If you feel you require more protection, we suggest you use our "Watermark" tool to protect them. You can place your studio name, the word Proof, or any other text across the entire image, or in a corner. You can have 100% solid text, or reduced opacity.

You will also find the Sharpening Tool (rarely required-upload your images, if you like the sharpness, leave them alone. This option does not effect you original images. You will also find Album Cover text tool on the Enhance Screen. You can display your Album Designs on your Preview Gallery. Save your designed pages as full size JPG's. When you select the folder that contains the pages, check the box at the bottom of the upload screen that says "Upload as Album Pages". If you create "Panorama" pages, be sure to have the word-"panorama" in the file name of the pages. Example: Page1 panorama.jpg. It can appear anywhere in the file name. When the program sees the word "panorama" it displays the page as a single print, spread across two pages.

Package Pricing

You can create packages in your shopping cart. There are 2 types of packages you can offer.

Package type A- One pose for all prints ordered
Package type B- Different poses for every size ordered

You create the packages the same way for each type you create. Select a Size (Component), Quantity, and use the Arrow Button to move it to the box. Add as many Sizes as you like. When you are finished, give the Package a "Name". Leave the description alone, it will display the contents in your shopping cart.

Click the + button and the Package will be added to your list. You can move it up to any position in the list.

Now, if you want to use Package type B- check the box next to the package, that says "Web Package"

When you have your new Price List as you like it, save and rename it. Give it a name that applies to the event type you will be using this new price list with

Encrypted Image CD Viewer

We place the link to our CD Viewer on the Process Order Screen. This is a very unique tool for Photographers that need an additional level of image protection not available when displaying images on the web. We have incorporated the highest level of security available to us on the web, but there are still "holes" in web security.

The CD Encrypted Viewer has never been compromised. We have never received a report of any of our Encrypted images ever being copied or printed in any lab or on any home printer.

You create a CD image Viewer in minutes. You pay $9.95 per month to use the CD Viewer. Make as many CD Viewers as you like for each event, and only pay $9.95 monthly. You are welcome to create a few CD Viewers during the first month you have the program installed. We will activate the payment system after the first 30 days on the program's installation.


Order Options in Presentation Gold Mode

There are additional order processing options available, including an option to create finished rendered JPG's of your album designs that you can send to any lab, not only our partner labs. There is a small fee to activate that feature. $9.95 per month. To activate that feature, contact us by phone or email and we will

The Prints ordered appear in the columns. The red Crop Squares indicate that your images were not cropped in OUR Presentation Gold Program. Our cropping program is very intuitive. It automatically sets the crop range for the aspect ratio of the print sizes ordered. It is easier and faster to use than Photoshop or any other program. You must be using a Partner Lab to take advantage of our cropping system, since the final crop is applied at the lab. Go to the View menu in the Preview Gallery Toolbox, uncheck the Preview Upload Toolbox option.

Receiving eXpress Orders From Your Gallery

eXpress Order is our "Total Automated Order Fulfillment System". When you upload an event, and designate it as an eXpress Order, your order will be retrieved from your Gallery, the images will be found in your computer, and the order will go directly to our Partner Lab, all behind the scenes without you having to do a thing.

You can change the status of your Events Online at anytime from eXpress to Standard order at any time.

You must establish an account with one of our Partner Labs to use eXpress Order.

Basic and Advanced Operating Modes- Presentation Gold V7

Some of the features include our Album Designer, Cropping Tool, Renumbering Tool, Sorting and organizing Tools, Color correction Tools and more. You open the Presentation Gold mode in your Preview Gallery Upload Utility by going to the "View Menu" and unchecking the Utility option. Close and re-open the program and you will be in Presentation Gold mode.

Read about the additional features available for you to use in Presentation Gold (the advanced mode) at:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems. We will either return a response by email, or a phone call. Be sure to always include your phone number in all correspondence.


(866) 977-3535

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