Album Templates

Did you know....Flush Bound Leather Albums can be made in almost any size. Not just 10x10.
Did you know....You and your clients, should review your finished prints before sending them to a binder to be mounted in the album.
Did You Know...You can create a Traditional or Digital album design in Presentation Gold and display the finished design on your own personal Preview Gallery Web Hosting and Ecommerce site. Your clients can review the design and tell you the changes required. You simply upload the new design for their approval.

You can even display albums you design in other software....Your individual pages will display in a side by side fashion like a real album.

The Presentation Album Designer allows you total independence.  The Album Designer is in all of our programs. The Template designer is in Presentation Gold. You can even make templates in Photoshop.

While you may choose to use an album company's Digital Mat Templates - you don't have to use them in conjunction with any specific lab. Use any Digital Mat Templates of your choosing and with Presentation, you can send the order to any lab, (providing you purchase the Universal Outputs) and binder of your choosing.

You may also choose to create albums with traditional "insert" type albums. Below you will find the templates for General, Renaissance, Tap, Florentina, Leather Album Design, and the "Reversible" albums from the bound album companies.

About the V Pages... Download the V Pages and take a look at them. They are digital composite templates for album pages. They are "Generic". They will create prints for any albums that use individual size prints.  BUT- the prints are actually printed on 8x10 and 10x10 paper. You make a few quick cuts and you have individual prints. The templates are laid out to give the "look" of album pages, but they don't look as fancy.

Downloading templates: When you unzip the self extracting files they will be placed in the C:/Performer Templates folder you created. You may choose to place them in another location if you wish. Download the templates to the folder. When you open the Album Designer, link to the template folders you choose to use.

Digital Composite Templates
(multiple images on one print, 10x10, 12x12, etc)

1000 Digital Composite Templates V Pages Magazine Covers Frame Designer
Templates V Album Pages Sports Small Assortment

If you have Presentation Gold, you can create templates in our built in "Template Tool Maker" with feathered edges, reduced opacity, and text on your prints.

If you would like to know how to create your own composite style templates in Photoshop CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Insert Templates
(Individual prints taped under mats or adhered to bound album page)

Below you will find the templates for many of your favorite companies. Please check the sets against the catalogs from the companies. 

The Bound Album Companies may have additional charges for certain page configurations. Check with them if you have any questions about prices.

Just because a page layout is available in the Album Designer does not mean it is a "standard" layout. As you know, some binders charge for ovals, others may charge for "tilted" pictures.


Your images will all be numbered by page to save you time sorting them. BUT, the letters that appear in the file names are there as placeholders only. They do not reflect the correct positions of the images. You can create a printout of the album order. You can use the printout as a reference and also send the printout along with your order to the bound album companies.

Company Name Phone Web
Acerboni AM 888-779-9393
Acerboni DHL " "
Acerboni DHS " "
Acerboni Vintage " "
Album Crafters 305-826-8600
Art Leather 888-252-5286
Capri 800-666-6653
Classic 800-779-1931
Florentina Designer   "
General 800-888-1934
Ideal 973-618-9294
LAD AM 800-263-6892
LAD Vintage " "
Leather Craftsman 800-275-2463
Z  Album    

Composites and Wall Folios

When you use the composite and wall folio templates in the following table, Presentation will place orders for the prints required in each "opening". These templates work the same as insertable mats for albums.

Please keep in mind, we are not in the "Template Business". You can easily create Composite Templates in Presentation Gold.

If you already have a set of templates you created or purchased, all you have to do is bring the template into Photoshop, select the opening, drop in a solid color, and save the template at 250 DPI, as a tiff. There are a few more details, but, basically that's it.

You can use any digital templates you own in the Album Designer. Just follow the instructions to convert them to our format.

NOTE: The picture you see inside an Insert Template opening will be the exact size and cropping you see on the screen.
Our Template openings do not have a "border" for you work with.

What you see is what you will get