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We are in the process of creating new videos for all of our programs including, Preview Gallery.  Since most of the basic functionality of the programs has not changed dramatically, we feel you will be able to use the videos we produced for Preview ProLab, to learn how to use the programs until the new videos come on line.

We added notes where we could to clarify some minor differences between the existing videos and the new features in Presentation Gold and Lite.

Our written instructions are completely up to date if you find some of the information in the older videos confusing.

Presentation Gold/Studio Manager Gold

Video Clips



Program Basics
Print Ordering
These short videos address individual features of the programs.

Getting Started In Preview ProLab
(and Presentation Gold/Lite)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Great video for learning the basics of our programs. This video was created for our Preview ProLab program, but the basic operations of the program have not changed that much. We are creating all new videos for Presentation Gold, but for the most part Gold has additional features, not operational changes.
The Album Designer is one of the only tools that has changed in the new Gold series. You can drag and drop templates and images now, replace images in pages without having to remake the entire page. Our written instructions are completely up to date. If you can't figure out how some of the features work by trial and error, refer to the written instructions until we complete the new videos.
Batch Transfer System Nothing changed in the new Gold program. You should really learn about this feature and use it. It will make your life a lot easier.
Template Maker
Part 1-The Basics

Part 2- Masks and Backgrounds
Part 3- Text and Borders

Part 4_ Panorama Prints
These videos describes how to use the new Template Designer built into Presentation Gold. Learn about the feathered edges, reduced opacity, text, mask, backgrounds, borders, and more.

How to Make Templates (Photoshop)

For our album/frame designer, using Photoshop. Even though we have  "Template Designer" in the new Gold program, there are some things you can do in Photoshop.
Album Designer 1- Digital Composite Pages
Album Designer 2- Insert Templates
This video demos our older Album Designer, but you can get the basics from it.
Encrypt Images Want to give your clients Encrypted Images that they can't copy? This is the video you are looking for.
Full Screen View and Framer This video will show you how to use the full screen view feature that allows you to set "true" sizes of your images on a wall or screen if you are using a video projector, and "link" the sizes to your "F Keys".
Slide Show Creator Our slide show is very easy to use. We did install a new "Music" folder in the basic install of the new Gold program. Put your music there and the program can find it faster. Look in C:/Presentation in Windows Explorer.
Image Organizer The "heart" of our program. You must watch this video. If you don't learn what the Organizer can do for you, you are missing a lot.

Color Correction System

You may not do your own color correction, but if you watch this video it will explain how you may want to do some minor corrections for your sales demos, and then let the lab do their job.

Master Color Balance

Only important if you do decide to do your own color correction.

Create a New Price Group

One subtle change to lookout for- the new Price Group tool has a "Save Config File" button instead of what is described in this video.

Preferences Screen

The preferences screen changes quite often because we use it to control the locations of folders and other misc tools and functions. don't get flustered if the videos don't always match the screen. Usually the written instructions are quite "up to date" with the new changes.
Link to Photoshop A short video. A simple procedure.

Preview Gallery

Video Clips



Watch This First If you are not currently using our Preview, or Presentation software to create your orders, watch this short orientaion video about what software to install.

Sign Up and Site Setup Instructions

A basic run through of how to set up you Gallery Site.
Getting Started in Preview Gallery A step by step tutorial of how Preview Gallery works.
Main Page Slide Show This is a new tool. Ignore the instructions on the videos above about how to create the main page slide show. Follow these instructions

Windows Systems and General Information

Video Clips



Add / Remove Programs How to use the Windows "Add/Remove" programs tool.

General Information about Windows Explorer

Great video for newcomers to Windows. It will get you through the basics of windows navigation.
Installing the Programs A simple explanation about how to install our programs (and other programs).  
Installing an Update EXE file When we update our programs you don't always have to install a completely new program. You can install a small update EXE.  

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